Clear Books Magento Sync

Sync your Magento Invoices with your Clear Books Account automatically. No sync buttons - once an Invoice is created in Magento it will appear straight away in Clear Books. The Extension uses the Magento and Clear Books SOAP API to securely connect and exchange data.

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  • Securely connects using the Magento and Clear Books API
  • Instant Sync straight from Magento, no need to press sync or use any additional hardware
  • Syncs Magento customer information into Clear Books Customers by email address, alternatively you can sync all invoices to a particular customer
  • Choose if invoices in Clear Books are created as drafts or approved
  • You choose what Clear Books Accounts ordered Magento products and shipping get assigned to
  • Full Logging of all requests can be enabled


  • SOAP is required to be installed on the server that hosts your Magento website

Road Map

  • Create Credit Memo's automatically
  • We are looking for ways to improve this extension, please contact us with your ideas.

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