Apple Pay for Magento

Start accepting Apple Pay on your Magento Website using the Stripe Payment Gateway.

  • Customers can pay using Apple Pay on the checkout and skip the default checkout process
  • Express Apple Pay which shows on the product and checkout pages for quick ordering
  • From as little as 2 taps and the order is complete
  • Works like any other payment method
  • Pulls in magento's shipping & tax rules naturally
  • Displays all products, discounts and shipping as line items in Apple Pay

You will need an SSL on every page you require the Apple Pay button to show.

You will need a Stripe account. This extension only provides the Apple Pay payment method, if you want to use Stripe for Credit Card payment's see our Stripe for Magento Extension

The extension should work out the box with other checkout extensions but if you have issues we will be happy to get it working and if we cant we will refund you.

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  • Fully PCI Compliant - You only need an SSL Certificate
  • Integrated using Stripe JS Tokens, So Card Information is not posted through your server
  • Accept any currency Stripe supports
  • Accept any card stored in Apple Pay
  • The ability to set payments to be Authorized and Captured or just Authorize so you can capture the amount later within the order screen
  • You can set one or more failed payment email addresses, so that when a customer receives an error it will automatically send an email to the specified addresses with the customer's details and basket contents as well as the payment error message. The email template that is sent can also be customised in the transactional emails section.
  • Works with Credit Memo function so refunds the customer automatically when a Credit Memo is created
  • Partial Refunds on Credit Memo's are also supported
  • Works with Stripe Connect, if you pay for the installation we will help you setup stripe connect with your magento.
  • Works with Magento Multi-store Setup
  • Increase Conversions by making it easier for your customers to checkout and pay successfully


Magento CE 1.6.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.13.x


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